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Personal Dashboards for Confluence

Is Personal Dashboards really free?

Yes. There are no hidden costs, no tracking functionality etc.
Personal Dashboards exists to raise our presence on the Marketplace and we do not plan on monetizing it.

Is Personal Dashboards compatible with App X?

Personal Dashboards is not compatible with all Confluence Apps since we use a slightly modified page context. It should work with most Confluence Macros out of the box, as well as the Jira macros, Charts macros etc.

Currently it is not compatible with:

  • Table of Contents Macro (does not display)
  • Task List Macro (not interactive)
  • Attachment Previews

Can I use it with a theme?

We have successfully tested Personal Dashboards with Refined Theme and Enterprise Theme for Confluence

Is there a cloud version?

No, it is currently not technically possible

Is Data Center supported?

Yes! We did all the same performance and scalability tests as for our commercial apps.